What are flavor cards?

Flavor cards are thick paper boards, impregnated with natural and artificial flavors, that you can use to add flavor to any chosen dry food product.

It’s simple, just place a flavor card in a sealed jar with the product you are flavoring. Wait at least 60 minutes, the longer you wait the stronger sensation you get.

When the pack is wrapped open, the flavor starts to evaporate from the card and attaches itself to any material that is able to absorbe it.

Yes. All the ingredients we use in production of the flavor cards are manufactured in EU, high quality and certified as food grade.

Depending on your personal taste and what you are flavouring. The longer you wait, the stronger sensation you get!

After 24 hours-48 hours, most of the flavor has transferred from the card in to your product. With our mentholated products, the flavor can get too strong for your taste when kept in contact for more than 10 hours. We encourage you to experience and find your sweet spot.

You can, but the intensity and flavouring speed will not be the same as with flavouring on the 1st round. One flavor card is optimal for flavouring up to 50g´s of product.

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