The Original flavor card


Have you ever heard of lucky coincidences in good stories?

Well, they played a big role in bringing together the amazing minds behind the world's first and best flavor card.

But it wasn't just luck that got us to where we are now - it's been a lot of hard work and high standards.


Our journey began with a simple question: How can we move fragrances from one surface to another while controlling the intensity of the scent?

We figured it out and then wondered - can we do the same thing with flavors?

So we tirelessly tested and tried until we made it happen - the Fricz flavor card was born!

The name itself is inspired by the Finnish word "friski," which means fresh and crisp.


From day one, we knew we wanted our products to be safe, tested, and made of the highest quality materials. And that's how we've become the biggest flavor card manufacturer in the world - by delivering what people wanted.

Quality is everything. So we’re very particular about who we
work with and what ingredients we use.

Everything we put
into our cards is 100% European-made food contact material
of the highest caliber.

But we're not satisfied yet - we're on a mission to keep speeding up on this highway of flavors!