Frizc licorice

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As one of Finland’s favorite flavors, we were moulded by it. Some call it “the Devil in candy form” and others call it even worse things. But as masters of the dark arts, this magical root is one of our favorite ingredients. Therefore the spell it’ll put you under shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Legends say you can also use it to ward off evil spirits.

flavor notes

Licorice is a full bodied and sweet flavor that smoothens the taste of anything you choose to flavor! 

infusion time

The optimal level of soft sweetness is achieved after several hours of flavouring.  The longer you wait, the stronger the flavor will be. Try it yourself to see what tickles your tastebuds! 

works well wtih

Licorice works particullary well when flavoring coffee, baking flours or tea.

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